Sunday, October 10, 2010


This morning I got up early and made French Toast and Buckwheat Pancakes for everyone!  My MIL has been wanting buckwheat pancakes for a long time and I was able to find the mix when I went shopping on Friday.  I even had a tiny bit of pancake batter left over to make Sweet Pea a tiny pancake. :)

This is a good photo of Sweet Pea munching on a peanut:
 Yesterday I went to The Urban Sheep to knit.  I love knitting at the shop.  You get a chance to visit with friends and check out the yarn in the shop.  I finally started my sweater.
My February Lady :)
It is always fun to hear what everyone is knitting.  It took me a little while to cast on the first stitches in between visiting with my knitting friends.  I counted my stitches a few times to make sure that I had the correct amount. 
Casting On My Sweater

This is my 1st adult size sweater.  I am going to take my time since I have several projects to do between now and Januaray 2011.  I have at least 3 more baby sweaters to do.  I also want to make some baby hats and booties for a craft fair that is coming up in November.  I've written two of my own baby hat patterns that I want to use, and I am going to modify the baby bootie pattern that I have been using to match one of the hats. 

Have a Beautiful Day !

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