Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It is finished!

I finally finished the cowl. When I finished weaving in the ends I lifted my arms and shouted "it is finished!" So  much has happened over the last few weeks and I haven't been in a good space. I lost my Mom, my MIL had emergency surgery, and it was the 1-year anniversary of my Grandmother's passing.  My health hasn't been at it's best. I think that things are turning around a bit.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I am almost finished with a new cowl. I used bulky yarn & size 10 needle.

Cast on 120 stitches.
1:  knit 4 inches of 3x3 ribbing.
2:  knit 4 rows.
3:  purl 4 rows.
4:  knit 4 rows
5:  purl 4 rows
6:  knit 4 rows
7:  purl 4 rows
Bind off purlwise loosely.