Friday, December 9, 2011

Single Skein Social

Tomorrow I am going up to Sonora with my friend Janice to By Hand Yarn.  We will be attending their Holiday Party and Single Skein Social.  It will be my 1st time attending the Single Skein Social and I am very excited!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for my wonderful husband, Glen.  I am thankful for family, friends, and my knitting.

Here's to a beautiful day with a bit of turkey and a lot of love!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prayer Shawl and other knits

Well, I finished my Mother's prayer shawl a few days ago.  I need to block it.  I've also written a scarf/shawllette pattern that I hope to test knit soon.   Photos and pattern to be up in the near future.

I recently found out that I have bilateral cysts in my lumbar region and I am walking with a cane.  I also just went for xrays of both knees.  I have been diligently going to knitting in the last few weeks.  It helps raise my spirits and I get knitting projects finished!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sock Therapy!

Well, I have picked out a lovely purple Crock-O-Dye sock yarn to start socks this Sunday at The Urban Sheep's Sunday Socks Appeal.  I am very excited because I haven't been able to knit socks at all this year.  My knitting in general has suffered recently due to health issues. 
I have been looking everywhere for my copy of Socks a La Carte: Pick And Choose Patterns To Knit Socks Your Way.  I love this book.  I may need to get another copy of it.  I think that I will need to find another pattern to knit.  I am really thinking about Bubble Wrap Socks.  I also have a copy of The Big Book of Socks: The Ultimate Beyond-The-Basics Guide to Knitting Socks to look through before I decide.  I am going to dig out my camera and take some photos of my beautiful new yarn and my cast on tomorrow.  I am so excited!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Everyone Has a Calling!

I usually talk about knitting here, but I wanted to share something from Oprah's last show, What Oprah Knows for Sure.  It is a video, but for the life of me I could not figure out how to embed it here in my blog. 

Last week, I decided that I was going to knit baby sweaters because I enjoy making them.  I have lots of yarn that has been given to me over the last 2 years.  I have a free pattern, the basic newborn sweater, I have a desire to help little ones.  A hand knitted sweater is like a hug from someone far away.  My husband and I have talked for years about getting a big house and taking care for foster children.  It is a big part of our "Lottery Dream".  We live with relatives so it is not possible at the moment, but it will be possible someday.

Have you signed up for  Love Modesto?  They are taking sign ups for until June 19 for the June 25 Event.  This is a great opportunity to help others in our community.

"Embrace the Life that is calling you."-Oprah

Much Love to Everyone!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elizabeth, we will miss you!

Elisabeth Sladen is one of my favorite Dr Who Companions.  She is pictured here with Tom Baker.
Elisabeth Sladen died in the morning of 19th April, having been battling with cancer for some time. She is survived by her husband Brian Miller, and daughter Sadie.  She is missed!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

News on Snuggle Pods and more!

I've been working on some consignment orders in the last few days.  I am knitting my second baby sleep sack.  I am also working on a new pattern for a baby sleep sack.  I hope to have the pattern written out for test knitting in the next week.
Today I ordered some new business cards.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thoughts for today....

My Prayers are with the people of Japan.

I am still adjusting to the recent springing forward an hour at 2am, Sunday, March 13, 2011.  I felt much less tired this morning than yesterday or the day before.  I am having trouble falling asleep.  I am going to try a cup of chamomile tea.

I am reading Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks!.  I highly recommend this book.  It is a must have addition to your knitting library if you enjoy knitting with fingering and dk weight yarns!  There are so many beautiful patterns that I have my eye on knitting in this book.  I will share as soon as I decide which pattern that I am going to knit first.

I just found out that I am a runner-up in a contest by Sweaterbabe on the Fans Group on Ravelry. I am so excited !

Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mother's Cowl

Here's a photo of me wearing the cowl that I designed for my Mom.  I think that I am going to send it to her for Christmas along with a few other handknits!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free Pattern! Basic Newborn Cardigan with matching hat!

 Basic Newborn Cardigan
©2011 Angelbibity Designs

Size 0-3 months

What you'll need:
Worsted weight yarn, 200 yards for cardigan
Size 8 (5mm) needles, one set of straight or a circular and a set of DPNs or a long circular for magic loop
Stitch markers
Scrap yarn
Yarn needle
Three buttons, one-half to one inch size


Neck and Sleeve Shaping:
Using straight or circular needle, cast on 45 sts
Rows 1-3: K to end of row
Row 4: K9, PM, K6, PM, K15, PM, K6, PM, K9
Row 5 (Right Side): K2, YO, K2tog, *K to 1 st before next marker, YO, K1, Sl M, K1, YO, repeat from * to end
Row 6 (Wrong Side) and all even rows through 24: K4, P to last 4 sts, K4
Rows 7, 9 and 11: *K to one st before marker, YO, K1, Sl M, K1, YO, repeat from * to end
Row 13: K2, YO, K2tog, *K to 1 st before next marker, YO, K1, Sl M, K1, YO, repeat from * to end
Rows 15, 17 and 19: *K to one st before marker, YO, K1, Sl M, K1, YO, repeat from * to end
Row 21: K2, YO, K2tog, *K to 1 st before next marker, YO, K1, Sl M, K1, YO, repeat from * to end
Row 23: K to end of row
Row 25: (remove all stitch markers as you get to them) K18, transfer next 24 sts to scrap yarn, K33, transfer next 24 sts to scrap yarn, K18
Row 26 (Wrong Side): K all sts,

Row 27: Knit all stitches.
Row 28:  K4, Purl to last 4 stitches, K4
Repeat Rows 27 & 28 18 times or until desired length.
When desired length is reached, K 4rows and BO loosely.

Remove 24 sts from scrap yarn and divide evenly over DPNs or longer circular for magic loop.
Beginning at underarm, Pick up and knit 2 stitches, place marker, pick up and knit 2 more stitches( total of 4 stitches picked up), continue knitting rest of stitches.
Sleeve rounds 1-18: K all sts
Rnd 19: P all sts
Rounds 20-23: knit all stitches
24: Purl
25: knit
26: Purl
27: Knit
Bind off loosely

Weave in all loose ends. Attach buttons. DONE!

Matching Hat
Size 8 DPNs

Cast on 60 stitches.  Join in the round.  Place marker to indicate beginning of round.

Round 1:  Knit All Stitches
Round 2:  Purl All Stitches
Round 3:  Knit All Stitches
Round 4:  Purl All Stitches
Round 5:  Knit All Stitches
Round 6:  Purl All Stitches
Rounds 7-10:  Knit all stitches
Round 11:  Purl All Stitches
Continue Knitting each Round until Piece measures 4 ½ inches from cast on edge.  Begin Decrease Section.

Decrease Section:
1:  *K4, K2tog, Repeat from * to end of round.
2 and all even rounds:  Knit to end of round.
3: *K3, K2tog, Repeat from * to end of round.
5: *K2, K2tog, Repeat from * to end of round.
7:  *K1, K2tog, Repeat from * to end of round.
9:  K2tog to end of round.
11:  K2tog to end of round.

Cut yarn 6" long and pull through remaining 5 stitches.
Pull tail to the inside and weave in all ends.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting Ready For Stitches!

I am so excited!  This is my 1st trip to Stitches West!!!!  I purchased my ticket for the market online yesterday.  I have a new job and I was hoping to have a little bit of extra money to spend.  Unfortunately, I only worked 5 hours last week and it doesn't look like I am going to get any hours at all this week.  DH  insisted that I should still go next Saturday with my friends.  My friends have suggested that I look over the vendors and decide which booths that I want to see.  Well, the list is a bit overwhelming, so I have decided to just go look with my friends.  It's going to be fun!

Happy Knitting!